Are You Ready to be Lucky?

Meet Roslyn, the plucky divorcée eager for new beginnings. Meet Duncan, the British conman with a penchant for collecting ex-wives. Meet Floyd, the lovable, foul-mouthed contractor who can fix anyone's house except his own. Each drags behind a mess of family and friends, each desperately trying to be lucky.
Are You Ready to be Lucky? mixes humour and heartbreak as the unruly Roslyn, Duncan, and Floyd relentlessly pursue happiness, trying again and again to get it right. In stunningly beautiful and energetic prose, Rosemary Nixon contemplates the chaos and absurdity of friendship, marriage, divorce, and betrayal--and the astonishing complexities of luck and of love.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Dedication 6
Table of Contents 8
Are You Ready to Be Lucky? 10
The Costa Blanca News 42
Left 64
The Sewers of Paris 86
Besides Construction 98
In Which Jesus Hitchhikes the N332 and the Girl Tries Not to Vanish 120
In Which Floyd's Odometer Surpasses the Million Kilometre Mark and Friends and Acquaintances Reduce Their Clutter 144
Mr. Bloxham's Happiness 168
A Lovely Hind, A Graceful Doe 182
On Tilt 204
Acknowledgements 231
Author Biography 233