Coins of Chaos

17 short stories based on the Hobo Nickel...

During and after the great depression they were traded for food, sex, shelter, and power. Twenty of the seemingly ordinary nickles carved with dark representations of world evils and imbued with magical powers that transformed the deliciously macabre bits of lost art into carriers of death, destruction, and ill luck.

Where these coins go, so does the Carver's will. Each coin is filled with his malice and a desire for destruction.

And with each life ruined... the Carver's life goes on.

Seventeen stories that tell the tale of the Carver's legacy; of the coins designed for beauty now morphed into catalysts of pain.

Authors include: Nathaniel Lee, Kelly Swails, Andrew Penn Romine, Brandie Tarvin, Jay Lake, Erik Scott De Bie, Martin Livings, Nathan Crowder, Seanan McGuire, Glenn Rolfe, Dylan Birtolo, Kelly Lagor, Jason Andrew, Mae Empson, Richard Dansky, Peter M. Ball, Gary A. Braunbeck.