Intersecting Sets

Poet Alice Major was given a book on relativity at the impressionable age of ten, so she never quite understood why science came to be dismissed as reductive or opposite to art. She surveys the sciences of the past half-century -- from physical to cognitive to evolutionary -- to shed light on why and how human beings create poems, challenging some of the mantras of postmodern thought in the process. Part memoir, part ars poetica, part wonder-journey, Intersecting Sets is a wide-ranging and insightful amalgam.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover 1
Title Page 4
Copyright 5
Contents 6
Acknowledgements 8
The Magpie's Eye 10
1 That Frost Feeling 18
2 Metaphor at Play 34
3 The Holographic World 64
4 Points on the Line 84
5 Symmetry 110
6 Poetry and Scale 144
7 The Ultraviolet Catastrophe 164
8 Gather Ye Rosebuds 184
9 Motion 204
10 Politics as Phase Space 226
11 Brain Surgery 234
A Poem is How We Felt When... 252
Notes 256
Bibliography 268
Index 276
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