The Spirit of the Alberta Indian Treaties

Government and First Nations leaders have tended to operate within two different systems of knowledge and perception regarding treaty rights issues in Canada. While First Nations emphasize the original spirit or intent of an agreement, government stresses the letter of the agreement. The Spirit of the Alberta Indian Treaties has long been acknowledged as an authoritative source for both oral and documentary perspectives on Alberta treaties. It has been twice cited in landmark decisions by the Supreme Court of Canada since its original publication in 1979. Expanded, and with a new introduction by Richard Price, this third edition supports a growing understanding between leaders of government and First Nations people in Alberta and Canada.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front cover 1
Title page 4
Copyright page 5
Dedication 6
Contents 8
Introduction 10
About the Authors, Elders and Interviewers 18
Preface to the 1987 Edition 20
Part I: The Treaty-Making Process 22
One: Canada's Northwest Indian Policy in the 1870s | Taylor 24
Two: Two Views on the Meaning of Treaties Six and Seven | Taylor 30
Three: The Spirit and Terms of Treaty Eight | Daniel 68
Part II: Alberta Interpretations of the Treaties 122
Four: T.A.R.R. Interview with Elders Program | Hickey, Lightning & Lee 124
Five: Interviews with Elders 134
Six: The Saulteaux and the Numbered Treaties | Foster 182
Seven: Indian - White Relations in the Prairie West during the Fur Trade Period--A Compact? | Foster 202
Part III: Post-Confederation Treaties of Canada 222
Eight: Magnificent Gifts | Friesen 224