Alfalfa to Ivy

Joseph B. Martin traces his climb from a Mennonite farm in the village of Duchess, Alberta to Dean of Harvard Medical School in his memoir, Alfalfa to Ivy. Readers are rewarded with an intimate perspective on academic politics and health care in Canada and the U.S. that Martin is perfectly poised to critique. And it is the human story of Martin?s journey from humble origins to worldly esteem that makes Alfalfa to Ivy a compelling narrative for non-specialists as well as academics and professionals.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front Cover 1
Title Page 4
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Dedication 6
Contents 8
Foreword | Hubel 10
Acknowledgements 14
Abbreviations 20
1 The Journey from Bern to Duchess 24
2 Emerging as a Family in the New Land 48
3 Transitions 88
4 Montreal 114
5 Boston: The MGH Years 144
6 A Science Saga: The Search for the Huntington's Disease Gene 178
7 From Bethesda to San Fransisco 210
8 Return to Harvard Medical School 254
9 Working with Larry Summers 292
10 Harvard Medical School, 1997-2007 314
11 Issues Facing Academic Medical Health Centers Today 348
12 Maxims, Proverbs and Aphorisms: A Humble Guide to Successful (Enjoyable) Leadership 394
Epilogue: Return to Duchess 410
Postscript | Benz 422
Notes 432
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Index 450
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