Narratives of Citizenship

Examining various cultural products—music, cartoons, travel guides, ideographic treaties, film, and especially the literary arts—the contributors of these thirteen essays invite readers to conceptualize citizenship as a narrative construct, both in Canada and beyond. Focusing on indigenous and diasporic works, along with mass media depictions of Indigenous and diasporic peoples, this collection problematizes the juridical, political, and cultural ideal of universal citizenship. Readers are asked to envision the nation-state as a product of constant tension between coercive practices of exclusion and assimilation. Narratives of Citizenship is a vital contribution to the growing scholarship on narrative, nationalism, and globalization. Contributors: David Chariandy, Lily Cho, Daniel Coleman, Jennifer Bowering Delisle, Aloys N.M. Fleischmann, Sydney Iaukea, Marco Katz, Lindy Ledohowski, Cody McCarroll, Carmen Robertson, Laura Schechter, Paul Ugor, Nancy Van Styvendale, Dorothy Woodman, and Robert Zacharias.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page 4
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Contents 6
Acknowledgements 10
Introduction | Fleischmann & Van Styvendale 12
Part I: The Iconography of the Anti-Citizen 48
1 Citizens of the Exception | Zacharias 50
2 Grazia Deledda's The Church of Solitude | Woodman 72
3 "Some of Course MArried Them, which was Better" | Fleischmann 98
4 Failed States and the Militarization of Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa | Ugor 128
Part II: The Melancholic Canadian 152
5 Affecting Citizenship | Cho 154
6 "I am Enchanted" | Ledohowski 176
7 A Citizen of Story | Bowering Delisle 196
Part III: Envisioning Indigenous Citizenship 222
8 Imposing subCitizenship | Coleman 224
9 Camera Ready | Iaukea 260
10 Imaginary Citizens | Robertson 280
Part IV: Race and the Diasporic Re/turn 312
11 "Cracked tongue. Broken tongue" | Schechter 314
12 Whose Diaspora is This Anyway? | Katz 340
13 Black Canadas and the Question of Diasporic Citizenship | Chariandy 370
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