Ancestral Portraits

The Colour of My People


Ancestral Portraits

Ancestral Portraits is a retrospective of the art and life of Frederick R. McDonald, one of Alberta's most exciting Alberta First Nations artists working today, and a celebration of a rich Cree heritage. With one foot in the world of his ancestral peoples and the other in the realm of contemporary Canadian society, McDonald paints from a unique perspective and uses his art to communicate the culture and spirituality of his ancestors.

Ancestral Portraits is a journey into the creative world of one of Canada's up and coming First Nations artists.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Ancestral Portraits 1
Table of Contents 8
Preface 9
Acknowledgments 11
In the Beginning 12
In the beginning, there are only thoughts 15
Thoughts on First Nations Art, Some on Politics 20
Influences 1: My Grandfather, My Brother, and a River 23
Influences 2: High School and Beyond 29
On the Art of Travelling 35
Worldly Encounters 1: Canada 37
Worldly Encounters 2: Australia 41
Segregations/Reservations 45
On Personal Promises 49
Indians First ... 51
... Then Commerce 53
Of Colour and Light 57
At the End, a Beginning 61
In the Other World 66
Ancestors Still Talk 76
Other Thoughts on Other Things 86
Way Up North 96