The Generals

Originally published in 1993, The Generals : The Canadian Army's Senior Commanders in the Second World War is a collective biography of the Canadian army's leaders in World War II, and is the winner of the Dafoe Book Prize for International Relations and the UBC Medal for Canadian Biography. The only book of its kind on this subject, The Generals remains an invaluable resource for academics, policy makers, and anyone interested Canada's military history.

This new edition features an introduction by Dr. David J. Bercuson, Director of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover 1
Title Page 4
Bibliographic Information 5
Series Information 7
Contents 8
Contents Continued 9
Abbreviations Found in the Text 10
Preface 12
Introduction 16
Chapter 1 - Introduction: the old army 22
Chapter 2 -The Old Brigade 47
Chapter 3 - McMaughton:The God That Failed 72
Chapter 4 - Crerar: Ambition Realized 102
Chapter 5 - Tommy Burns: Problems of Personality 135
Chapter 6 - Simonds: Master of the Battlefield 164
Chapter 7 - Matthews and Hoffmeister: Militia Successes 198
Chapter 8 - Pope and Stuart: Soldiers and Politicians 223
Chapter 9 The Absence of Francophone Generals 256
Chapter 10 - Conclusion 277
Appendix A - General Officers in the Second World War 288
Appendix B - Key Army Positions in Canada and Overseas 291
Appendix C - Army Officer Ranks 293
Notes 294
Selected List of Primary Sources 373
Index 380
Back Cover 390