Dialogues on Cultural Studies


Dialogues on Cultural Studies

How should the project of cultural studies change for the twenty-first century?
Does theory have general application?
How should we evaluate revolutions?
How should we define countries, like China, on the margins of modernity and post-modernity?
Is a neo-Orientalism emerging in today's world?

These are questions Shaobo Xie and Wang Fengzhen ask a panel of North America's leading cultural critics. What emerges is a remarkable collection of interviews and dialogues that discuss culture, ideology, history, Marxism, modernity, post-modernity, post-colonialism, globalization, and the role of the university and the intellectual in today's society.

With Contributions by:
Arif Dirlik
Teresa Ebert
Barbara Foley
Fredric Jameson
Pamela McCallum
J. Jillis Miller
Masao Miyoshi
Bruce Robbins
John Carlos Rowe
Henry Schwarz
Richard Terdiman
Hayden White

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Dialogues on Cultural Studies 1
interview QUESTIONS 20
arif DIRLIK 28
teresa EBERT 66
barbara FOLEY 98
fredric JAMESON 112
pamela McCALLUM 122
j. hillis MILLER 134
masao MIYOSHI 158
bruce ROBBINS 202
john carlos ROWE 212
henry SCHWARZ 238
richard TERDIMAN 252
hayden WHITE 272
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