The Wolf King

The story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, the way we've heard it, is not quite the way it happened. There were mysterious forces at work that awful night, involving the captain of the guard, a certain girl, and the Boy himself. The Boy disappeared into the forest, where everybody knew he was surely eaten by wolves.

Years later, we return to that sorrowful village. It is still beleaguered by the wolfpacks of the Black Forest, and defended by the vigilant eyes of guards on the wall. Our hero is lonely Alfred, a boy whose birth is somehow entangled in the events of that night; they have hard consequences for poor young Alfred, whose father is missing and he does not know why. All he knows is that he loves Martina, and that Martina could only love a soldier of the Wall who has proved himself with rifle and sword against the eternal enemies of the village.

One day in the forest, however, he discovers an awful army of wolves is gathering, led by the strange and marvelous man who calls himself the Wolf King. The final battle between human and beast is brewing, and Alfred finds himself at the centre of the coming storm. Whether he can save the village from the wolves, or save himself from the temptations of the forest, depends on the secret identity of the Wolf King, and the events that transpired so long ago.