Game Plan

How deep is the importance and influence of organized sports in Alberta? Discover key episodes and players in the history of Alberta’s organized sports and read how sport shaped the lives of individuals as well as of communities of indigenous people, settlers, and immigrants. Read new perspectives on well-known sports stories along with tales of lesser-known games that remained on the margins of most histories for reasons of race, class, and gender. Whether a spectator, supporter, scholar, or fan, readers will be informed and delighted by the research contained in this sport history.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Acknowledgements 12
Abbreviations 14
Part 1 | Inventing Sport in Alberta 18
1 Sport as Cultural Identity 22
2 From Indigenous Games to Cities of Champions 32
3 Fencing the Fields 50
Part 2 | Writing the Rule Book: From Pastimes to Organizations 70
4 "The West Has Made Fairly Good Headway" 76
5 "Love and Hometown Glory" 112
6 Sport and the Single Athlete 150
Part 3 | The Social Body: Freedom and Control 198
7 "A Vain Shadow" 208
8 "Red-Blooded Sports" and "Masculine Facsimilies" 242
9 A "Great Slaughter on the Field" 280
10 "The Rain Upon Our Senses" 308
11 Getting on the Map 348
Notes 382
Archival Sources 452
Bibliography 456
Index 496
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