By the Light of Camelot

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By the Light of Camelot

13 Newly Imagined Arthurian Tales Set Against a Landscape of Magic, Cruelty, and Destiny...

Many were called. Few remembered.

Ruled by Arthur, the Once and Future King, these Knights took their place next to those who would become legend. Lancelot. Galahad. Tristan. Yet Kingdoms are not shaped by myths but by courage and belief...

Arkin. Tor. Brannon - Each earned their place at the Round Table but to fulfill their destiny of glory they must discover the truths within.

For no false knight can complete a true quest.

Set against a landscape of magic, cruelty and destiny, By the Light of Camelot includes 13 original Arthurian tales by award-winning authors Shannon Allen, Colleen Anderson, Renee Bennett, J. R. Campbell, M. K. Hume, William Meikle, R. Overwater, Fiona Patton, Diana L. Paxson, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Wendy Wagner, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Jane Yolen.