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Al Rashid Mosque

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Forty years ago, as a young scholar in Islamic Studies at the University of Alberta, Al Rashid’s Muslims welcomed my queries, tolerated my ignorance, and joyfully opened their homes and their hearts. —Earle H. Waugh

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Earle H. Waugh has studied Islam in Canada and the Middle East for most of his adult life. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta and a senior scholar in the areas of religious studies, health and culture, and Indigenous language maintenance.

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Al Rashid Mosque, Canada’s first and one of the earliest in North America, was erected in Edmonton in the depth of the Depression of the 1930s. Over time, the story of this first mosque, which served as a magnet for more Lebanese Muslim immigrants to Edmonton, was woven into the folklore of the local community. —Baha Abu-Laban, Foreword

Edmonton’s Al Rashid Mosque has played a key role in Islam’s Canadian development. Founded by Muslims from Lebanon, it has grown into a vibrant community fully integrated into Canada’s cultural mosaic. The mosque continues to be a concrete expression of social good, a symbol of a proud Muslim Canadian identity. Al Rashid Mosque provides a welcome introduction to the ethics and values of homegrown Muslims. The book traces the mosque’s role in education and community leadership and celebrates the numerous contributions of Muslim Canadians in Edmonton and across Canada. Al Rashid Mosque is a timely and important volume of Islamic and Canadian history.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title page 4
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Dedication 6
Contents 8
Foreword 10
Preface 14
Acknowledgements from the Community 24
1 Leaving for Rihla 28
2 The Foundations of Al Rashid 62
3 The Evolution of a Canadian Mosque Tradition 98
4 Conserving a Canadian Islamic Community During Adversity 160
5 Transitioning into the Future 210
Epilogue 236
Appendix 1: Creativity in the Al Rashid Community 240
Appendix 2: Al Rashid–Related Organizations 258
Appendix 3: Arabian Muslim Association 260
Bibliography 264
Index 274
Al Rashid: Building and Supporting Community 284
About the Author 286
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