K9 Teams

Beyond the Basics of Search and Rescue and Recovery

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K9 Teams

A professional development masterclass for K9 detection teams and people who work with them.
It has been said that about the only thing two K9 handlers agree about is what a third handler is doing wrong. Whether in search and rescue or cadaver and human remains detection, there’s a variety of opinions in how handlers and dogs train and work. K9 Teams: Beyond the Basics of Search and Rescue and Recovery uses solid science and the experience of dozens, if not hundreds, of handlers to explore the issues teams and organizations commonly encounter in training and operations.
Vi Hummel Shaffer is a professional K9 handler who has worked in search and rescue and recovery, including mass fatality recovery, for over 27 years. Along the way she’s attended dozens of seminars, learned from some of the top trainers in the world, and spent countless hours in the field working with a wide variety of agencies. In K9 Teams, Vi compiles the questions most often asked, the issues handlers struggle with, and some of the best suggestions handlers share with one another.
K9 Teams explores dog selection, training methods, professional certification, team dynamics, issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, and much more. Everyone working with or interested in detection dogs needs this book. Those in law enforcement, fire departments, and other emergency response agencies will also benefit from the book by learning what K9s can—and cannot—reliably do. Get the most from K9 teams in the field.

Table des matières

Table des matières
Cover 1
Contents 8
The Purpose of This Book 12
I The Making of a TEAM: Building a Strong Foundation 16
1 The Beginning: What It’s All About 18
2 K9 Search Disciplines: An Overview 22
3 Joining a TEAM 24
4 The Process of Membership 27
5 TEAM Standards, Procedures, and Bylaws 32
II Canine Abilities and Scent Detection 52
6 Evaluating Puppies and K9 Selection 54
7 The Dog’s Nose 66
8 Developments in Understanding Scent 74
III Instructors, Training, and Certifications 82
9 K9 Trainers 84
10 Basics in K9 SAR/R Training 90
11 Understanding Training Methods 102
12 Training Sessions 111
13 Training Areas 115
14 Field Training 119
15 The Scent Article 132
16 Training Scenarios for Live-Victim Searches 136
17 Training Is Training, and Testing Is Testing 148
18 The Controversy over Cross-Training 153
19 TEAM Training Sessions 160
20 Seminars and Workshops 163
21 Certifications 170
IV Cadaver and Human Remains Detection 180
Prelude to Human Remains Detection 182
22 What Is Cadaver / Human Remains Detection? 184
23 Odor of Death 193
24 Training Materials or Scent Sources 196
25 Handling and Storage of Training Aids 212
26 Training Materials Myths and Misconceptions 217
27 Introducing Odor, Imprinting, and Search Commands 230
28 The Alert 240
29 Training for Human Remains Detection 261
30 Law Enforcement and SAR/R 294
31 Search Briefings and Searches 300
V Disasters and Disaster Teams 322
32 Major Disasters and Mass Fatalities 324
33 Searching in Mass Fatality Incidents 338
34 Mass Fatality K9 Team Training 342
35 Emotions, Stress, and Post-Traumatic Stress 347
VI Additional Issues 350
36 K9 Teams and Court 352
37 Websites and Social Media 357
38 Politics, Egos, Glory Seekers, Frauds, and Misunderstandings 365
A Final Note 377
Acknowledgments 378
Notes 380
Bibliography 387
Additional Sources Consulted 392
Suggested Reading 398
About the Author 400